Alliance for Bio Solutions

The Alliance for Bio Solutions is boosting the export and climate potential of bio solutions. The alliance brings together large businesses, SMEs, start-ups, universities, and organisations to fight for better framework conditions and a solid Danish position of strength in the field.

Bio solutions are biotechnological climate solutions in areas such as food, agriculture and materials. Examples include green proteins, biological plant protection products, biofertilisers and bio-based materials. Wind energy and medicine have become major export successes for Denmark. The Alliance for Bio Solutions focuses on making bio solutions the next green Danish export adventure.

Key issues

The aim of the Alliance for Bio Solutions is to promote a sustainable transition to reduce our impact on climate and nature. At the same time, the alliance works to promote the development and expansion of new green solutions, thereby creating wealth, prosperity and jobs for all of Denmark. The Alliance works to:

  • Strategic investment in green proteins.
  • Faster approvals of biological plant protection products and biofertilisers.
  • Official climate data for food.
  • Better conditions for testing and upscaling of bio solutions in Denmark.
  • High research focus on bio solutions.
  • Export promotion of Danish bio solutions in the rest of the world.


As a member of the Alliance you contribute to the promotion of bio solutions. Specifically, you get:

  • Improving framework conditions through advocacy and direct access to policy makers.
  • Influence the prioritisation of policy issues in the Alliance.
  • Access to networking with peers and other stakeholders.
  • Profiling through the Alliance's communication channels.
  • Access to updated knowledge on the benefits of bio solutions.

The Alliance is open to all businesses and membership is divided into entrepreneurs, SMEs and large businesses. In addition, organisations such as trade unions, universities, foundations, etc. can join as associate members.


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