Basic Management

This course will equip you for the many challenges you will come across as manager. Get 5 ½ days of new inspiration and professional knowledge.


Basic Management

2. nov 2022-7. mar 2023
Dansk Erhverv, Børsen, Slotsholmsgade, 1217 København K
18.500 kr.
25.500 kr.
Ekskl. moms

Create results through your employees

Equip yourself for your role as manager with tangible tools and new inspiration. This course is suitable for new and current managers who do not have a formal managerial education, or who need new inspiration.

The 5 ½ module course combines the participants’ managerial experience, theoretical input, and specific training – focusing on letting the participants test various methods in their own company, getting feedback, and trying again.

The course

In advance
You fill-in an online JTI personality profile and receive collective feedback with individual JTI clarification. Before to the course you will receive a welcome packet with practical information and assignments. In addition to completing the assignments in advance, you should also clarify the targets and expected effect of your participation with your superior.

Your JTI personality profiles is included in the course and between the modules you work with specific issues in your company based on the themes of the course as well as defining your target with your superior.

Dates and content

Module JTI: Collective JTI feedback Wednesday 2th November 2022, 13:00-16:00.

Module 1: Thursday 3th November 2022: Your managerial part – authority and integrity

  • Perspectives on management, the managerial roles and dilemmas
  • Authority and authenticity as manager
  • Feedback managerial tools
  • Managerial communication

Module 2: Monday 12th December 2022: Working environmental management and Situational management

  • The part and responsibility of the manager regarding working environment
  • Delegation of responsibility and assignments
  • Matching managerial styles with development needs of the employee

Module 3: Tuesday 10th Januar 2023: Managerial rights and obligations and the talks of the manager

  • Managerial rights and obligations
  • Rules for employment, warnings, terminations, and illness
  • Handling the difficult talks

Module 4: Tuesday 7th February 2023: Motivation and change management

  • The termination
  • Motivation of the manager
  • Motivation of the employees
  • Handling of resistance against change
  • Employee Development Dialogue

Module 5: Tuesday 7th March 2023: Team management and conflict management

  • Team management and team performance
  • Relations and cooperation
  • Conflict management
  • Summary

All modules – except the JTI module – are held from 09:00-16:00.

NB: Module 4 and 5 will be held another place than Børsen. 

Upon completion, you will automatically receive your digital diploma in your mailbox.

Read more about the digital diplomas of the Danish Chamber of Commerce here.


A Basic Management invoice is forwarded for payment on the first day of module 1. By cancellation later than one month prior to start, 50 percent of the collective amount is paid. By cancellation later than 14 days prior to start, the entire amount is paid.


  • Tilmeldingsfrist d. 19. oktober 2022
  • Afmeldingsfrist d. 19. oktober 2022




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