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Expert advice and political influence

The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the network for the service industry in Denmark. It is one of the largest professional business organisations in Denmark with more than 350 employees, offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Brussels and in  New York. 

We are a private non-profit organisation whose goal is to make running a business easier for our members. By means of political influence and expert advice to our members, we strive to create conditions that will make it attractive to do business in a globalised world.  Furthermore, we seek to ensure development opportunities are maximised for the growth industries by increasing the competitiveness of our members.

The Danish Chamber of Commerce also acts as the chief negotiator on behalf of its members on a number of collective agreements with the trade unions. These agreements constitute the basic framework for wages and working conditions for employees in the majority of companies in Denmark.

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The Danish Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the Danish business community. In close dialogue with political decisionmakers, we work day in and day out to make Denmark the best place in the world to do business.

We act on behalf of our members

At the Danish Chamber of Commerce, we act on behalf of our 18,000 member businesses and 100 sector associations every day. We are a business and employers’ association for one of the most dynamic business communities in the world.

We provide advisory services in the areas of HR and corporate issues and on how to get political impact. Our efforts build on our members’ active participation in networking and committees.

At the Danish Chamber of Commerce, we work to ensure that Denmark remains the best country in the world to do business for the benefit of workplaces, prosperity and Denmark moving forward. We are working for a cohesive, dynamic Denmark.

Membership benefits - Danish Chamber of Commerce



What do you get as a Danish Chamber of Commerce member?

  • Professional advice
    You get professional advice in a wide range of areas, from HR matters, commercial law, corporate operation, OHSE, staff development, supplementary training and much more. Our services range from our telephone Hotline to individual legal advice and, in some situations, legal proceedings related to employment law.

  • Political influence
    Danish Chamber of Commerce is an influential lobbyist for the Danish business community. We effectively promote our members’ interests in the political systems of both Denmark and the EU. Each day, we work to improve the business community’s framework conditions for the benefit of your business’s growth opportunities and competitiveness. We work to make Denmark the best country in the world in which to do business.

  • Training and events
    Your membership gives you and your colleagues access to the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s
    comprehensive selection of courses and events with free admission to most, as well as discounts on our individual management courses. You will be inspired by and learn more about current topics, such as e-business, digital trends, the holiday act, recruitment and GDPR.

  • Networking and committees
    Knowledge-sharing and interactive feedback are a focal point of the Danish Chamber of Commerce’s many networks and committees made available by your membership. All networks and committees are demand-driven, which is why we add new ones all the time. By participating as a member in networks and committees, you can help set the political priorities advocated by Danish Chamber of Commerce.

  • EU and International
    Your membership gives you access to a vast international network, including a well-staffed EU office in Brussels, an office i New York city and close contacts to embassies and other partners around the world. We provide advice on international trade issues and the EU Single Market, and give you access to promotional export campaigns all over the world


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