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E-eksport til Frankrig, Belgien og Spanien

Don’t let Flemish, French, and Spanish scare you: why you should be exporting to Belgium, France, and Spain. Let us show you how with e-commerce and digital sales.

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E-eksport til Frankrig, Belgien og Spanien

5. okt 2022 KL. 13.00-16.00

Don’t let Flemish, French, and Spanish scare you: Why you should be exporting to Belgium, France, and Spain. 

 Why you should consider exporting to continental Europe: Top trends and opportunities 

The digital ecosystem in Belgium is under rapid development. E-commerce and digitalisation are playing an ever more important role in economic growth and export activities across all sectors. Platforms in particular cannot be ignored as a trend that started some years back and boomed during Covid-19. The Belgian e-commerce market continues to grow fast across all sectors. 

  • Denmark’s exports to Belgium were worth DKK 12 billion in 2020 
  • Belgium’s B2B e-commerce revenue is expected to reach more than EUR 10 billion this year 
  • 25% of Belgium’s e-commerce transactions (worth EUR 2 billion) come from abroad 

Meanwhile the French e-export market has experienced high growth after Covid-19 and is expected to continue in the years to come. The French e-commerce sector has grown by 12% in 2022 compared to the previous year. If we look more specifically to the B2B sector, there is a promising growth of 20% vs. the year before. 

  • E-commerce is booming in France with a growth of 12% vs last year, and even 20% in the B2B field! 
  • France is home to 42 million online shoppers. Why not get them to know your product! 

And Spain is one of the most e-commerce ready countries in Europe with 94% of the population online and a full 78% of those having used the internet for purchases. This means that there are 24.7 million Spaniards doing business online. 

  • With nearly 25 million active online shoppers in Spain, this is one of the biggest European e-commerce markets. 
  • B2B e-commerce sales are doubling from 2019 to 2024 in Spain, and this presents a set of opportunities and challenges for companies interested in this market. 

This session is presented by Anne Mørup (France), Kerry O’Donoghue (Belgium) and Lars Hoffman (Spain) They will provide you with insights into the Belgian, French and Spanish markets, provide information on the main channels, present the sectors most in-demand, what is needed to sell in the local market, and key B2B e-commerce trends.

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Anne Mørup

Digital Sales Advisor

The Trade Council

Lars Honoré Hoffmann

Digital Sales Advisor

The Trade Council

Kerry O'Donoghue

Digital Sales Advisor

The Trade Council

Helle Lyngberg Carlsen

Internationalization Advisor

The Trade Council

Lonni Kirsten Nielsen

Head of Digital Sales

The Trade Council

Jens Wedenborg


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