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The Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv), Healthcare DENMARK and the Danish Embassy in Paris will be organizing the “French-Danish Healthcare Days” in Paris on May 16-17, 2023. The objective is to strengthen the cooperation between Denmark and France within the healthcare sector and to increase export to France. The Danish Minister for the Interior and Health, Sophie Løhde, will participate (TBC) together with Danish health authorities and key actors in the Danish healthcare system (hospitals, nursing homes etc.). We invite Danish companies to join the business delegation.

France is one of the largest markets in EU within healthcare and has long been an important export destination for Danish life science companies. With the “French-Danish Healthcare Days”, we hope to contribute to the further growth of Danish healthcare and life science companies' export to France in the coming years.

France has a large healthcare system with around 1.400 public, 700 non-profit and over 1.000 private hospitals, as well as 7.350 nursing homes of which 3.310 are public. Currently, there is a great need for modernization of the healthcare sector, and €6 billion of the EU recovery funds allocated to France after the COVID-19 pandemic are earmarked for modernization and innovation of the French healthcare

Additionally, the French Government adds with the Ségur plan for Health a significant budget of over €25 billions to improve the working conditions in the healthcare sector and an ambitious plan for investments in the healthcare system. This, together with the national strategy for investment and innovation in industry, “My health 2030”, draws a clear picture of the great export potential in France in the upcoming years.

An important theme in the future reforms to build a resilient healthcare system is the recruitment and retention of staff in the healthcare sector. Innovative solutions, digitalisation and new patient care pathways can present solutions in this context, and this will thus be a main topic under the French-Danish Healthcare Days.

A study prepared for the Danish Embassy in Paris shows that French hospitals and nursing homes are still lagging behind compared to the Danish innovative solutions within life science, digitalization, logistics and assisted living implemented in Denmark. Therefore, it is important to position Danish companies in the market for healthcare and assisted living now that there will be many tenders and opportunities for modernization and innovation.

France perceives Denmark as a nation with answers to many of the present healthcare sector’s needs and priorities. Denmark’s healthcare system is known to be efficient and digitalized, with a focus on the patient as a whole, as well as a deep environmental consciousness. Many of the same trends are beginning to show in France, making this a unique moment for Danish companies to use the Danish brand as a door opener for export of Danish solutions.

The objective of the French-Danish Healthcare Days is to showcase Danish solutions and to allow a group of participating Danish companies to engage directly with French decision-makers, payers and health experts regarding export of their products and solutions ready for the French market. Delegates will participate in a two-day programme of networking events and seminars in order to meet potential customers and partners as well as gain new insights into market opportunities in France.

The activities during the visit will take place under three sector themes: tomorrow’s elderly care, smart hospitals and treatment of chronic diseases (pharma and medical device). Companies from these sectors will have priority to sign up. A limited number of companies can participate and a minimum of 10 companies must sign up in order to organize the French-Danish Healthcare Days.
Join us for an intense 2-day visit. Find the program on the next pages.

The visit will take place on the 16th and 17th of May 2023 in Paris.


Important information regarding participation

In order to participate in this export delegation, it is a requirement that each participating company in one form or another has been negatively affected by the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit), since this delegation receives a grant from the so-called Brexit-funds. If there is doubt as to whether or not one’s company complies with this requirement or how this requirement should be interpreted, please do not hesitate to contact Michael Bremerskov Jensen, Senior Advisor for International Trade at the Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) on email: mje@danskerhverv.dk or phone: +45 31752400.

The participation fee covers the program, local transportation of the delegation, interpretation as well as joint networking events in Paris and not individual airline or hotel expenses for companies. Please be informed that it will not be possible to get the participation fee refunded after the deadline has expired for signing up on 27 March. The fee covers two representatives per company. For any additional representatives, a fee of 1.500 DKK will be added per person. When registering more than one representative per company in the sign-up procedure, please write the name, email address and company for each additional person in the commentary.


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Senior Advisor, Healthcare

Danmarks Ambassade i Paris

Email: annber@um.dk

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