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HealthTech for Tomorrow - Bridging Startups & Corporates

Collaboration is key for the future of our health sector. In order to harvest the benefits of new technologies, we need to bridge HealthTech startups with corporates from the health industry

Microsoft and The Danish Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to focus on collaboration between HealthTech startups and corporates. We do this by matching promising HealthTech startups with leading companies from the health industry at an event in May 2022. The startups have been carefully selected based on their potential to innovate the health industry. 

Entrepreneurs can challenge the status quo by inventing new and innovative solutions to larger challenges. New and smaller businesses have an opportunity to consider impacts from the beginning of their journey. We need entrepreneurs to invent the solution for tomorrows problems – and that is why we focus on health tech for this partnership” says Jasmina Pless, Head of Entrepreneurship, Danish Chamber of Commerce.

HealthTech startups is a key player in solving the problems for the health sector. There is a unique opportunity for both the large corporations and startups to work together on everything from product development to sales of new solutions. We at Microsoft finds great value in cooperating with small startups and software companies, so we can get closer to new and innovating solutions, and in the process help them scaling and growing their companies” says Julie Mørch Nadelmann, Senior Enterprise Channel Manager, Microsoft.






Odense University Hospital (OUH), Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence (CAI-X)



I Bedste Fald

Autonomous Disinfection Technologies


European Caretech


I Bedste Fald


MidWife VR